Tips & Hints

Tips and hints

Cooking is the art of blending spices, technics and passion to create a perfect meal. So with Kuisine spice blends just follow the method as indicated with all your heart.

Here are cooking tips and hints to make cooking an adventure.

1- Read and follow the recipe with the method.

2- Gather everything together before starting to cook ie Protein, starch, veggies, utensils, pots and pans.

3- Don’t fear sharp knives. Blank knives have consistently proven to be more dangerous.
Learn how to hold the knife as well as how to hold the food that you are cutting.

4- Season well. Your plate will be the ultimate guide here, so taste often while cooking.

5- Salad spinner not only made washing lettuce herbs and greens a snap, it dries them so much more efficiently then towels ever could.

6- Roll the citrus to get more juice out on a cutting board before slicing.

7- Always use the right size pan or pot when cooking. None stick is the best to use.

8- Dry meats, legumes and vegetables before cooking. Water and heat create steam, so when you try to cook something that still wet, it won’t browned properly. Meat should be patted with paper towel before cooking. Chickpeas can be drained in a colander and dried on a towel as well as vegetables.

9- Never crowd the pan, whether you are baking or pan frying, it’s important to avoid crowding the pan.

10- Embrace the clean as you go method instead of piling dishes and tools used for cooking into the sink to wash later. As for veggies trimmings and peels toss them in one big garbage bin for easy dump and less mess. While the food is cooking do the washing and cleaning.

11- Use the freezer for more than leftovers. It can also house several items that can make your life easy. Tomato paste and sauces can be frozen into ice cubes and easily defrosted for later use.