Kuisine spice has really changed our food making in the household! Ever since my mother’s disability, my father makes majority of the food in the household. In the beginning it was difficult to manage but ever since he started using the Kuisine spice, the food we eat has been even more delicious than before ! And the great thing is that it’s easy to use for various dishes. My father loves using the spice. Lekker food makes a happy family!

Slms. I love the kuisine spice…especially the butter chicken. For the first time in years I felt I was eating my gran mom’s food. Where she roasted whole spices and grinded it fresh for every meal. For me kuisine spice is memories in a packet


Aslm I absolutely LOVE these spices it has made my life Sooooo convenient. I love love love the butter chicken and chicken korma together….. Mmmm it’s amazing. I love it all making Tikka tonight Algamdulillah. Shukran so much🤲

I have been using kuisine and its been a life changing experience.. No more spending hours at the stove.. Very convenient.. 👍🏻

Assalaamu alaykum I always thort spice is spice wats th difference but since using ths spice i neva wana change 2 anything else

Aslmz, in my house food is life for my kids, cooking is my passion and spices has been my happiness, since I met Kuisine spice I have an all in 1 now soul food❤️the taste in the spices are just authentic and unique

I trust you’re well. I simply love your spices❤️ Butter chicken spice being a firm favorite in the family. I simply love your spices❤️

Aslm..ever since I was introduced to the spices,I don’t use any other than that,so easy and daughters makes butter chicken with their eyes close

I’ve tried tye cuisine butter chicken.
I’m a working mom and this helps with giving my family a wholesome meal at half the time Alghamdulillah.
Giving me more time to spend with the important people in my life.

I wnt to tell chef tht I mde butter curry using tht amazing spice and I hd all the kids for boeka and praised my butter curry as it ws the first time I mde food for thm bt all the accolades goes to kuisine spice

I luv the breyani kuisine spice. I always use it ever since I tasted my mom’s breyani and asked her what spices she used. And she said her secret is kuisine spice lol!

Slm. Love the versatility of your spices.  My 14 year old daughter enjoys experimenting with your spices. Love it love it